Data Sora's Heartless [Ardos] (feedmyglitch) wrote in chamberofrepose,
Data Sora's Heartless [Ardos]

/Peeks in

Um. Hi. I'm Ana, and I'm... Semi-new to this place. Would have posted here earlier, but I had to go to bed. /Cough/ Some of you may recognize predatorheart, or Savio--Ienzo's Heartless. I had him here awhile back, and will proooobably bring him again once I fix icons and stuff with him. But that's not what I'm here to talk about!

...Um. Yeah. H-Hi. Iiiii have brought a character many of you may recognize. That is, Sora's Heartless from Coded/RE: Coded. You know, that crafty and conniving little Heartless that gains its own life inside a data version of the worlds, nearly beats down a certain protagonist and then nearly erased the entire Jiminy's Journal in an attempt to escape to the outside world.

I bring him from after he was beaten by Mickey and Data-Sora, and I also changed his speech quirk since all caps get annoying. If you don't want to be tagged with him, or would prefer normal text to him speaking in all Italics, then just drop me a line.

...Um, yeah. That's... About it... Going to go. |D;
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