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Poll's going up a day earlier than I said, to make way for some IC changes happening tomorrow evening. Some points to consider:

➤ We will be keeping both the Livejournal and Dreamwidth communities open, to keep everyone happy. This is now a post to decide our official home. This is not a 'majority wins' vote. This is a consideration, because of the following reasons.

➤ LJ has had plenty of time to read over the outcry from their users and reverse the changes they made. They have refused. Furthermore, they have bigger plans for the future design of the site.

➤ Even if we remained exclusively on LJ, we would NOT be using S2 styles. After 100 comments and/or multiple threads, S2 layouts cut off, removing the ability to scroll down to later threads. This effectively erased our longer posts when we tried this.

➤ Since LJ made the changes, the only new activity has taken place on the DW mirror. Nine posts on DW, two on LJ, both events. Replies to the event posts have been mirrored on both sites as well, and DW is the only one to get any replies. Interest seems to be exclusively on the DW community for now.

Given this, while event posts will remain cross-posted for the next two weeks, with the majority of activity we will likely move anyway. I will continue moderating the community as long as people are interested in posting here (it's not a hard job, you've all been pretty easy-going!), but new events and changes will slowly stop being cross-posted.

➤ re: Dreamwidth, we will be importing the community fully very soon. DW has made some additions and changes of their own, and we are now able to fully import communities and their comments. (Currently this is restricted to paid accounts, and communities with over 100k comments will have to wait and import their comments later. Entries are imported at the normal rate. I am purchasing a paid account for the DW DR on January 3rd and will get started on this asap!) DW has shown amazing reliability so far, having 20k new accounts created within a day after LJ's changes, and new additions to help the servers deal with the influx of activity, with minimal lag and no downtime that I've witnessed so far.

As for the LJ RP community in general, several games are either already in the process of moving, or have the majority vote to do so. (14 20 confirmed, 20 more likely to.)

KingdomDressing is likely moving to Dreamwidth. Will you follow, or stay on LJ?

Yes, I will follow to DW.
No, I'm staying on LJ.
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