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Hey, DR-goers! Does anyone even watch this thing? Just kidding, we're not dead yet. I won't stand for it! It's poll time! Activity in the DR has been a steady decline this year. One reason that's been suggested is the recent setting changed that happened earlier this year. While it's certainly larger and less plain than our original endless hallways, some people think it might be too big. With everything within grasp in the residential area, the DR district, with the houses and apartments and everything else... Not everyone has reason to leave that area. Not everyone is going to go places outside of it, either. Some characters don't have any desire to go anywhere else.

So, it's poll time. Here's my suggestion: merge the DR. Merging the two settings would revert us back to where we were before... sort of. If we merged layouts, we would go back to endless hallways and doors. Everyone would be closer together, and it would be harder to avoid people like before. However, the DR would remain fairly open. There would be no ceilings (though people couldn't magically hop walls to get into other rooms... most of the time), the hallways would be varied between normal halls, grass, stone, and such. We would still have seasonal changes and weather that would affect the halls and everywhere else outside of rooms. Like always, you could pick specifically whether or not your character's area would be affected.

Here is the poll. Please read the above before you vote.

This poll is closed.

What kind of setting should the DR have?

Merge it. I like both.
The current setting. I like it how it is.
The original setting. The endless hallways.
None of these! I'm going to suggest it in the comments!

REMEMBER. This isn't the be all end all of the DR's layout. It can still change in the future, and there are still other things to work out if we do settle on one of them, so please don't feel like I'm discounting anyone's ideas or opinions!

That said, we also toying with the idea of accepting new mods to help spruce some life back into the place. (Not that our current mods aren't lovely, but one of them is currently unable to put the required effort into the place, and some fresh ideas would be much appreciated!) Please comment here if you are interested.

This is also important! Here I have an anonymous comment bringing up a very big and very unfortunate issue with our DR in terms of activity regarding new characters and new posts. I would like you guys to read it. On this post feel free to agree, disagree, post solutions and other problems you see fit. I want to fix this.

ATTENTION: Please only vote once! Your mods are familiar with a lot of KH roleplayers across LJ. Non-DR players are welcome to vote, but chances are we will recognize your accounts! Your vote will only be counted once.
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