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Who knows where your character is? Walking down the street, stepping out of the shower, just waking up... It doesn't matter. They will quickly find that nearby is something that shouldn't be there. An array of weapons, neatly spread out across a crimson cloth. They could just ignore them, but one in particular catches their eye. It compels them to pick it up.

Depending on the weapon they pick up, they'll have the sudden desire to murder the next person they see. The weapon directly relates to the motive, and once it's obtained the others are completely forgotten.

➢ Pick a number between one and ten, or use the convenient and match your number in the list below.
➢ Post a comment with your character and their weapon or motive.
➢ Other characters comment, either unaffected or with murderous intentions of their own! Good times!
➢ Thread and enjoy!

o1The Pistol ➢ A crime of passion. Jealousy? Rejection? Maybe a broken heart...

o2The Syringe ➢ A mercy killing. The character is determined to administer euthanasia on the next. But why?

o3The Poison Ring ➢ The motive is related to money. Maybe the other person is in the way of their inheritance. Maybe they haven't been paid what's due. Poison can be slow or quick, and some even come with an antidote.

o4The Piano Wire ➢ The character is a paid assassin, and they've just found their target.

o5The Sword ➢ The character must defend their king and country!

o6The Hunting Knife ➢ The character is a serial killer collecting specific body parts. My, what pretty eyes you have.

o7The Meat Cleaver ➢ Cannibalism. The character is now a butcher, and they're searching for the perfect cut of meat.

o8The Axe ➢ It's time for revenge. The other woman? The sibling your parents favored? It's time they paid the price.

o9The Machete ➢ It's kill or be killed. The character sees nothing but zombies around them.

1oThe Chainsaw ➢ The character feels an overwhelming need to escape from the other, and the chainsaw is their only defense.
Tags: meme
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